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Monday, August 17, 2009

New Sock Doll Coming Soon !

They have long tail & they like to eat banana so much. Guess who are they? ^^

Stay tuned!

Cheers from i Love Unique Gift. ^^


  1. wah~ emily.....i cant wait to see it, it looks so cute, i like it already! it a monkey?

  2. Thx Emily, it is monkey but not in pink colour. ^^

  3. Hi Emily,
    thanks for the good job ..the toys is very nice wife like it very much, nice to meet up with you and your hubby sorry not much time to chat with you guys as I' rushing. Anyway hope to introduce some friend to your lovely toys in the future

  4. Hi Wong, nice to meet you too. Glad that your wife like them so much..^^ I have uploaded more photos here

    Thanks for supporting iloveunique & thanks for adopting them yah!



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