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Monday, August 31, 2009

Remembrance of my lovely rabbit - Fanshu (Adopted)

He has stayed with my family since year 2000. He got freedom to sleep at any part in my house.(One of his favourite place is sleep under the chair)
There is one thing I am very proud of him, he got his own private toilet. He will not pee or shit at anywhere in my house.(We put a plastic container with a clothes inside at 1 corner, he will jump into it whenever he wanna do "project", he is cute right?)
Fanshu can get angry if you try to disturb him when he is sleeping. He will give you warning with sound HGRRM..(like cat fighting sound), you better stay away from him before he bites you. (Can you imagine rabbit also can bite people?)
He likes to eat bread. Every morning when break fast time, he will jump out from his base (under the chair) & stand with 2 legs in front of us who is eating bread to ask for bread. (He can smell bread!)

Time flies, Fanshu was too old & he had left us on 25th August 2009. :'(

This is Fanshu

I have made this doll & name it as Fanshu to remember him.

I wish Fanshu happy in the other world..We will always remember you...


  1. Fanshu, we will miss you for sure...

  2. A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver.

  3. Fanshu, everyone knew him will miss him. He was the biggest rabbit that i ever known... Memories flowing now... I remembered Emily's old home was like a petting zoo.



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