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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adopted Doll 2010 - Part 2

Size (ML): 15cm x 20cm

Mama Hippo
Size (ML): 12cm x 20cm
Size (ML): 10cm x 17cm

Mini Hippo
Size (S): 7cm x 12cm

Size (SM): 11cm x 15cm

Size (ML): 12cm x 21cm
Size (ML): 12cm x 22cm
Size (SM): 9cm x 12cm
Size (SM): 8cm x 11cm

Size (ML): 14cm x 17cm

Adopted Doll 2010 - Part 1

It has been a while since my last updates!
This post I am going to post all the dolls that has been adopted in year 2010. ^^

Thank you for supporting i love unique!

Baby sheep
Size (S): 7cm x 12cm
Mama sheep
Size (ML): 15cm x 23cm

SuperStar Bluey
Size (SM): 12cm x 16cm

SuperCat Cotton
Size (SM): 12cm x 16cm

SuperBear Chocolate
Size (S): 7cm x 12cm

Size (ML): 16cm x 22cm
Size (ML): 13cm x 20cm

Cheers from i love unique gift!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pussy Cat (Available)

Size: W25cm x H20cm
Miao miao....bring me home..

Cheers from i love unique

Little Ducky (Adopted)

Yeah..finally I am back! It was so looooong i have not updated this blog.

This is custom order from Anniss since September ^^. Thank you Anniss for adopting this little ducky yah..
Size: 12cm x 7cm

Cheers from i love unique ^^

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sock Doll Birthday Bird (Adopted)

Size (ML): 15cm x 25cm

Hi there! It has been quite some time I didn't update iloveunique blog. ^^
Busy..busy & busy.. & not sure what am I so busy for ^^

This is cutom order from Farah as a Birthday Gift for her friend. Sorry Farah i take so long to post your doll in my blog ya. ^^

Cheers from i love unique gift. ^^

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Totoro wedding doll (Adopted)

Size (L): 18 cm x 20 cm

This is custom order from LiFei & SayLing. LiFei previously had adopted a sock doll monkey & sock doll pig from iloveunique before.
Thank you for their trust on me & gven me a good opportunity to make them a couple of Totoro wedding dolls as a wedding gift fortheir best friend. I hope your friend will like the doll yah..
Thanks for adopting Totoro wedding dolls ya...

Let's sing Bollywood song together!

Cheers from i love unique gift. ^^

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Family (Adopted)

Dog (SM): 9cm x 14cm
Chicky (S): 7cm x 10cm
Rabbit (SM): 10cm x 16cm

This is custom order from Emily (yeah, same nick name with me! ^^). Each doll character is representing each of her family member. Thanks Emily for adopting them yah..

bitbit, Chickyly & Dogine

Cheers from I love unique gift~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby sheep (Adopted)

Size (S): 7cm x 12 cm

This is custom order from Hong Theng for her baby. She has requested me not to use button or any hard material to make the doll so that her baby wont get hurt when play with he doll. What a lovely mum.. ^^

Thanks Hong Theng for adopting the baby sheep yah.. I hope your baby will like this new buddy..

Cheers from i lov unique gift. ^^

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Longest life animal - Turtle (Adopted)

Size (M): 12cm x 14cm

Fact: Tortoises are considered the longest living vertebrates on Earth.

This is custom order from Mia as a gift for her boy friend. She was actually looking for something special for her loves one. Thanks for choosing iloveunique & thanks for adopting the tortoise ya ^^
Feel free to visit Mia's blog to read about her feedback to the doll :D

Cheers from i love unique gift ^^

Monday, June 14, 2010

Giraffe couple (Adopted)

Size (M): 16cm x 25cm

This is custom order from YT. A pair of Giraffe for herself & her loves one.
I am not sure Y.Theng know or not, she will be one of my future neighbour soon ^^.

Thanks Y.Theng for adopting them yah..

Cheers from i loveunique gift ^^

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Doggie Tintin, Monkey Sue & Chicky Mau- Best Friend forever (Adopted)

Size Doggie Tintin (SM): 9cm x 14 cm
Size Monkey Sue(SM): 9cm x 14 cm
Size Chicky Mau(SM): 8cm x 10 cm

This is custom order from Sim. Guess what, if you have watched "So You Think You can dance" season 2 from 8TV, Sim was the Top 2 Female winner!!!! She is actually one of my favourite dancer in that program too. Ok, enough for promoting her. :p
Sim has ordered 3 dolls from me which are Chicky Mau for herself, Doggie Tintin & Monkey Sue for her best friend J & SY. All character are base on their chinese horoscope, so you can guess their age now LOL...

Thanks Sim for adoptng them yah. Wish you all best friend forever!

They are best friend..

Chicky Mau Mau

Monkey Sue

Doggie Tintin

Cheers from i love unique gift.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Leo Man and the Cancer woman (Adopted)

Size Leo (SM): 10cm x 18cm
Size Cancer (SM): 15cm x 15cm

This is Custom order from Wilson. Why Lion & why crab? The character are actually from their Horoscope. Wilson, i hope the girl will like your present & do let me know if Leo & Cancer not able to complete their mission (which is to cheer up your girl friend) ^^

Thanks Wilson for adopting them yah

Cheers from I Love Unique Gift.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Supercat as a doll for Cats (Adopted)

Size (SM): 12cm x 15cm

This is custom order from Marini (one of funnies colleague ^^). She is a cat lover as she treats her cats like her daughter :p. This is why i always call her mama Marini LOL.

Thanks Marini for adopting them & wish your cats would not feel bored with them.

Cheers from i love unique. ^^

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yellow Pookie travel around the world (Adopted)

Size (S): 7cm x 12cm
Photography by Kevin Yong

Thanks Kevin for willing to share me the photos taken with "Kevin Junior". A name given by Kevin to the Yellow Pookie. ^^
(I have lost Yellow Pookie's photo due to some techical problem)

Thanks Kevin for adopting "KJ" and do enjoy your trip with "KJ" around the world yah..

Cheers from I love unique gift!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Supercat Mr Smart (Adopted)

Size (SM): 12cm x 15cm

This is custom order from Nadia. A lovely gift for her loves one.

Thanks Nadia for adopting SuperCat Mr Smart yah..

"Guess what am i doing here? I want to give surprise to someone .. LOL"


"I know i look smart.. in fact, i am smart :p"

Cheers from I love Unique Gift ^^

Thursday, May 6, 2010

SuperCat Darkie (Adopted)

Size (SM): 12cm x 15cm

This is Custom order from Aswa - a very late anniversary gift for her fiance.. ^^
Aswa intention to order this doll is to cheer up her fiance. I hope your fiance will like the doll..^^

Thanks Aswa for adopting Darkie yah..

Hello darling... smile ^^

Happy anniversary dear..

Cheers from i loveunique gift..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Piggie Tutu (Adopted)

Size (L): 12cm x 18cm

This is custom order from Daphne. A birthday present for her lovely boy friend.
Thanks Daphne for adopting Tutu yah.. ^^

"Helo..helo..helo..My name is Tutu"

"Anyone see my Birthday wishes board?"

Cheers from I Love Unique Gift

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bot Bot Car Key Chain (Adopted)

Size (S): 7cm x 12cm

My very first sock doll project that is not created base on an animal character.

Thanks Pupu for trusting me to make this Bot Bot car. Hope your loves one will like this special anniversary present ya. ^^

"Broom.. mini bus, you save la.. you cannot fight with me LOL"

Cheers from I love Unique Gift. ^^

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monkey Boy and Sweetie Piggie celebrating 4th anniversary (Adopted)

Size (S): 8cm x 12cm

This is custom order from Li Fei, a 4th anniversary present for his loves one.
Wish that your anniversary will be a wonderful one!

Thanks Li Fei for adopting them & hope your loves one will like them ^^

Cheers from I love Unique gift. ^^

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pink Vs White (Adopted)

Miss Pinkie Penguin N Mr White Sheep
Sheep (ML): 10cm x 18cm
Penguin (M): 12cm x 15cm

This is a custom order from a very supportive customer-Qishy as a Birthday present for her boy friend. ^^

Thanks Qishy for adopting them yah..

Oh Boy Happy Birthday.. I love U (~shy)

Thank you baby Qishy LOL

Cheers from iloveunique gift. ^^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

They got married! (Adopted)

~Superstar wedding Doll~
Size (S): 12cm x 7cm

This is custom order from Micky. A wedding gift for her brother Austin & sister in law Callie.

Congratulation to this newly married couple!

Cheers from i loveunique gift. ^^

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wedding Doll Superstar (Adopted)

Size(S): 12cm x 7cm

Finally San & Simon married ^^

Wishing you a happy marriage and hoping that your life together with Simon will be rich in joy and love. (hope my wishes not too late yet :p)

Thanks San for adopting them yah..

Cheers from i love unique gift. ^^


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