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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Doggie Tintin, Monkey Sue & Chicky Mau- Best Friend forever (Adopted)

Size Doggie Tintin (SM): 9cm x 14 cm
Size Monkey Sue(SM): 9cm x 14 cm
Size Chicky Mau(SM): 8cm x 10 cm

This is custom order from Sim. Guess what, if you have watched "So You Think You can dance" season 2 from 8TV, Sim was the Top 2 Female winner!!!! She is actually one of my favourite dancer in that program too. Ok, enough for promoting her. :p
Sim has ordered 3 dolls from me which are Chicky Mau for herself, Doggie Tintin & Monkey Sue for her best friend J & SY. All character are base on their chinese horoscope, so you can guess their age now LOL...

Thanks Sim for adoptng them yah. Wish you all best friend forever!

They are best friend..

Chicky Mau Mau

Monkey Sue

Doggie Tintin

Cheers from i love unique gift.

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