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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sock Doll - White Sheep Miss Rebound in Bollywood (Adopted)

Please enjoy the photos of this lovely couple Miss Rebound & Mr Bounce.
There like to watch hindustan movie a lot. You can see from how they posting for photo, they are actually emulating Bollywood style ^^. lol

Size: 7cm x 12cm (Small)

Hidding behind the tree.

Rolling on the field.


Cheers from i love unique Gift. ^^


  1. wakaka.....feri farny lar....酱都给你想到

  2. Hey Rachel, thx for visiting. So miss you~

  3. Thank you emily... they are so lovely....

    Thank you sssooo much! *wink

  4. when are u going to make this again ..?



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