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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sock Doll Cow Mimi & Sisi (Adopted)

Mimi (Pink Colour): Large 15cm x 25cm
Sisi (Brown Colour): Medium 12cm x 22cm

This is custom order from Raihan, she actually wanted me to make a couple of sock cow for her to keep in her car. Due to the sock material for the pink colour & brown colour sock is different, the end product for sock doll Mimi(originally is female cow) become much more bigger than the Sisi (originally is male cow). :p
Luckily Raihan has changed her mind, she wants me to modify Sisi become female cow so that she can give Mimi & Sisi to her Mummy & Sister as their Birthday present. ^^

Thanks Raihan for adopting them yah..

Mimi: Hey Sisi, can you see me?

Mimi & Sisi, adorable right? ^^

Cheers from i love unique gift.


  1. HI Emily, Thanks for dropping by & thanks for your comment.. ^^



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